Monday, October 27, 2008

Potty Training

I am happy to report that Jonah pee'd in the potty once last week. I went in his room to change his diaper and get him dressed one morning and he says poopy diaper. And I said, "Do you have to go poopy. Want to poopy in the potty?" To which he nodded and said yes. So I left him naked from the waste down and sat him on the potty. He sat there for a couple seconds and then wanted to get up and I said no go poopy in the potty. Kelly was in the bathroom shaving or something and I let my attention drift as we talked about something. Then Jonah tried to get up again and I saw there was water in the potty - he pee'd. So we gave lots of praise and clapped and hugged and cheered and put a sticker on his potty chart. Later he just sat on the potty and got back up and cheered. He really likes the accolades. Yesterday, he was having some nasty poopy diapers and ended up with a diaper rash so we let him run around in underwear. We kept asking him if he needed to go peepee in the potty - nevertheless he pee'd in the floor. So it's a slow process to be sure.


Anonymous said...

That's progress! Too cute.

Shanna said...

He pee'd in the potty this morning too. :)