Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Day of Doctors

One of my least favorite things about moving is finding new doctors and dentists and all that entails. I really liked the dentist and the pediatrician we had in North Carolina, and I have mourned the need to find new ones now that we are in Florida. I spotted a dentist office nearby a couple of weeks ago and checked around for reviews online and even got a recommendation for the same dentist office on a discussion board. So I stopped in last week (on the way back from my eye doctor) and after talking with the front desk staff, went ahead and scheduled cleanings for both kids for today. 

That schedule was altered when I had to find a pediatrician for Jonah this week as well. He came down with a virus and was having a fever and ear pain yesterday. I was able to mitigate his discomfort and get him into a new pediatrician today. I'm not a big fan of urgent care unless it's truly urgent, and we need to find a regular pediatrician anyway. So, yesterday afternoon with on-line resources at my fingertips I made him an appointment for this morning with a new doctor - their online reviews were great and I could walk to their office in 10 minutes if I had to. The wait made me a little leery, but I really liked the doctor. And Elisabeth did excellent this afternoon in an unfamiliar dentist office. It was a full day of doctors, but, at least, I have two important things checked off my "To Do" list.
When this kid naps you know he's sick!
Dentistry diva with her cool shades and holding "Mr. Thirsty"

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Furniture Assembly for 1st Graders

Jonah has been learning some practical skills this week - furniture assembly. We've spent the last two weeks moving, unpacking, and acquiring furniture. So far, all the new furniture has needed some form of assembly - the cons of buying online or from IKEA. Yesterday, Jonah did an excellent job helping me put together shelves for the play room. This week's schooling has entailed a lot of vocational training and life skills.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Budding Entrepreneur

We are officially living in a traditional house now and there is an orange tree in the backyard. Jonah has talked about having an orange juice factory ever since he found out about that tree. I bought him a juicer to see how he would do. It's always good to practice your production methods after all, and, as a bonus I had a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice with breakfast this morning. At the moment, he is seriously considering selling orange juice to the neighbors. I love my imaginative little entrepreneur.
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