Saturday, March 03, 2012

Siblings and Friends

Getting ready to swim at the springs

Jonah blowing bubbles for Elisabeth to pop

I have witnessed their relationship growing stronger of late. They take up for each other when one is in trouble. They both comfort the other when they are crying. On a night hike the other evening Jonah was scared and Elisabeth tells Jonah not to be afraid, because she is with him and has her flash light. Out of the blue the other day, Jonah tells Elisabeth that he loves her - something she says often to all of us. It's amazing to watch and I hope they continue to be close into adulthood.

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Tom and Amy said...

That is pretty much the sweetest picture ever Shanna...they are so cool.

The Bowyers said...

Man, you are blessed!!

Shanna said...

We are fortunate and I am thankful every day for these guys - even when they aren't so sweet ;-)