Thursday, January 08, 2009

Survived Another Haircut

Well, since Jonah's last hair cut didn't go so well, I knew to plan on having his dad attend the next time to help. So I made an appointment for Jonah after dinner tonight at JJ's Kids Cuts here in Cary. Boy was I glad that I didn't try to take him myself. It took three of us to get his hair cut. This place even had chairs shaped like airplanes and Thomas the Tank Engine on video, but my son was not interested when it came to having scissors or clippers on his hair. A sweet lady named Marly did a great job on his hair despite his less than complicit behavior. She started with scissors and he kept jumping around and so he sat in my lap for a bit while I tried to restrain him. For the safety of us all, she switched to clippers at which point Dad was put in the hot chair and tasked with holding down his screaming, writhing son who was acting as if his arm was being chopped off. The chair was swiveling from the force of Jonah fighting to get free. So I held the chair still while Kelly held Jonah and Marly cut his hair. None of our bribes or distractions worked this time. He even screamed and cried with a tootsiepop in his mouth - we had to take it away to avoid being bathed in sticky blue drool. Our only option was to hold him down - logic didn't help, bribery didn't help, just pure and simple brute strength. At one point, we thought we were done and let him up - he calmed down quickly when freed. And then we saw he still needed a couple swipes with the clipper. So Marly snuck up on him while I held him in my arms. He tried to escape by taking a nose dive, but I had a good grip on him and the gravity helped keep him stationary for a minute while she finished up. All the while Elisabeth looked on in amazement from her carseat on the floor. And despite us saying no more toys for Jonah since he got so many for Christmas, we left with a toy airplane as his reward. Oh well. Until next time.....

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jonah Plays Soccer - NOT!

So we made a point to drive back from Florida on Friday so that Jonah wouldn't miss his first Soccer Class on Saturday morning. At home Jonah loves to kick the soccer ball and kicks straight and loves to run and we have even seen him dribble the ball in the house and in the yard - not that he knows what dribbling is. So Saturday morning we all got up to go to his 9 a.m. class. I even took the camera to catch some great action shots. Well, Jonah had other ideas. Kelly spend most of the time carrying him around - poor Dad was tired from driving 16 hours the day before - needless to say he was a bit frustrated. At one point, Jonah did actually participate and it was when they had the kids go place cones about the room. But immediately afterward he was done. Here you can see him trying to escape and pointing to the exit. We're hoping Jonah was just tired from our trip and that next time he feels more like participating.