Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Puke

Well, it seems that Elisabeth now has whatever Jonah got last week. Except it is manifesting itself more as baby puke than diarrhea. She puked a lot on Friday night in the car just as we were getting to our weekend destination. Then Sunday night after we were back in our hometown but at a restaurant it happened again. And then again this morning when I put her in the swing. And then again before lunch. It doesn't look like much more than baby spit up but the volume indicates that it is indeed more than that. She is still pooping and peeing so I'm not concerned about dehydration at this point. And she seems in very good spirits. Funny how kids are - She will break out into a big smile right after puking. If only us adults were so resilient. Just pray everyone is happy and healthy before Kelly goes of to San Francisco for a conference on Sunday.

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