Saturday, November 09, 2013

RV's on the Fort Fisher to Southport Ferry? Yes, but....

After spending a week catching up with friends in Carolina Beach, we took the Fort Fisher Ferry to Southport this morning. We figured that after the 6-hour Newfoundland Ferry crossing, this 30-minute ferry ride would be cake. And, it would have been perfectly uneventful except that the ferryman flagging us during loading nearly had us clip the pilothouse with our awning. Thankfully one of the other ferryman was paying attention and halted our forward movement. We had to reverse and get over a bit more to clear the structure. 

It was $15 because our rig is over 40 feet in length (it's $5 for autos). We probably saved that much in gas, however, and got to enjoy a nice boat ride to boot. We even spotted some dolphin or porpoise during our Cape Fear River crossing.

Our kids enjoying the ride!

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