Thursday, January 02, 2014

RV Life: The New Playroom

Rain is a bummer when you're camping, even when you have an RV. When it's raining, this family of four lives, works, and homeschools in about 240 sq. ft. If the weather is nice, we have lots of outdoor space as our "living room." We just moved out of my parents house where we took over the guest bedrooms for 6 weeks during the holidays. Of course, our first day at the new campsite we get drizzle, followed by sunshine, followed by downpour after downpour and then drizzle. Welcome to Florida!

Luckily, with some input from me, the kids Great Grandma Hall got them a tent and some sleeping bags for Christmas. I was thankful for that little extra dry space today. After getting soaked coming out of the grocery store, I got home and had to put things away which is like putting a puzzle together in our limited cabinet space. Having two little people hopping around in the way does not help the process. They did help get the bags inside and then voluntarily disappeared into their new "playroom." Meanwhile, I was able to get organized and start supper in peace. Yay!

So, if your staying in an RV for any length of time with kids, a tent is still a valuable asset particularly on rainy days.

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ladyjackalope said...

What a neat playroom,and a happy face looking out, just a bit to cold last two days/nights for playing in tent. Plenty of time to enjoy when nice weather returns.

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