Wednesday, June 25, 2014

For Everything There is a Season

Over there
Over there (Photo credit: planetdavis23)
After selling our home in North Carolina last summer, we spent a few months traveling north to Maine and eventually Newfoundland before heading back down the Eastern seaboard intent on spending the holidays in Florida with family. We did make a few stops along the way to visit with friends. We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with family as planned and then moved back into the RV for three months while we determined our next steps. 
We went to the RV Supershow in January as we considered upgrading our RV and continuing an itinerant lifestyle. Six months of living, working and homeschooling on the road made us realize we needed more space one way or another. We also started checking out the real estate market in the greater Orlando area. We made it a requirement that there be room to park the RV and this limited our choices greatly. After looking at a diversity of properties in a tri-county area, it became apparent that buying was not the right choice at this time; we were unsure of what type of home we truly wanted and where to find it. 
An opportunity to rent a newly renovated home from a family member was presented us during the holidays. This option became more and more appealing as we went through the house hunting process. While smaller than our last home, this option presented us with an opportunity to be settled without a long-term commitment. (After 8 months in an 30 ft travel trailer, 1,500 sq.ft. feels like a mansion!)
Thus we have been settling into our new home for the last three months. It seemed the first 6 weeks was spent unpacking and buying furniture (having sold or donated most of what we had last year during the sale of our home.) These past three months have been very full and I have found them fulfilling as well. During this time, we have hosted family gatherings several times, hosted friends overnight, and started a garden - all these things and more we couldn't have done in our RV.
So I am thankful that God has lead us to this place in time and look forward to what further adventures await us as we move forward.
We still hope to travel and intend to keep an open mind about the future. But having roots somewhere and being more at liberty to spend time with family has its rewards and so we will enjoy them in this season in which we find ourselves.

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