Saturday, April 05, 2008

Trip to Galveston

We were in Galveston, TX Friday for a friend's wedding. We had some free time before the rehearsal that evening so went down the the beach. Jonah has never been to the beach before. His little feet were wiggling feeling the wet sand and when a wave unexpectedly pushed a couple of inches of water up over his feet he broke into tears. It think because it scared him but also because the water was a little cold. I didn't catch that on video but here is him having fun in his new environment.

After this, we went to the Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. I thought Jonah would love the animatronic animals and all the decoration. Well, turns out we sat in an area where there were about 5 moving monkeys and he was very disconcerted about them. He spent the whole meal hunkered in Kelly's armpit or in one of our laps. After that, we went to the Aquarium and enjoyed a couple of hours there. For more video of the day click on the video link.

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