Thursday, November 05, 2009

Quiet Time

I've been cooking almost all day. I'm discovering that I actually like to cook. I've been kind of in a bad mood today - still not over this cold and just mentally weird. Anyway, after I put Elisabeth down for a nap around 1:30 pm, I turned the TV off despite my being preoccupied with cooking and just let Jonah play. He played forever in the living room going back and forth to his room getting more toys (of course I did just clean the living room this morning!). The last few minutes he was just lying in the floor playing with two airplanes entertaining himself. At some point I noticed that I didn't hear any of his normal sound affects and this is what I found.

So now both kids are sleeping - woohoo! Jonah rarely takes a nap, and usually that means he will be up later into the night. But tonight we are going over to a friends house for dinner so that's probably a good thing. It will help him keep a good attitude - I hope.


ladyjackalope said...

Looks like the young fellow wore himself out,wish I had his energy,so maybe your night with friends will be very nice with two little ones rested.So enjoy and have a very nice evening. Papa Bear home soon ~;-D Take care, Love to all, Grandma Theresa

Zeynep said...

wow, he slept while he was playing!!! That never happened to Serra:)

Samantha said...


Hope you feel better soon! Miss you and want you to come to NE soon!