Friday, July 19, 2013

Pocahontas State Park: Reservations Required!

Elisabeth collecting bugs at our campsite
We just spent the last two days at Pocahontas State Park near Richmond, Virginia. As state parks go, it is one of my favorites. This trip though it was dreadfully HOT and humid! Fortunately, it has an elaborate sprayground that borders on a full blown water park. Unfortunately, that means everyone within a hours drive flocks there to cool off during the summer months, day users and weekend campers alike.

North Carolina State Parks typically keep a handful of "walk-in only" sights available for those short-sighted or free spirited enough to not make a reservation. I mistakenly thought Virginia State Parks operated similarly and went for the free spirited approach. Lesson to self and all other campers out there - when in question or if at all possible make a reservation! We intended to stay there until Sunday, but they were all booked up for the weekend. So we were there just two nights and had to relocated today (I'll share details on that later.)

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our brief stay. The campsites have the right amount of shade and sun. There is a playground, laundry facility, camp store and of course shower facilities. Virginia is consistently voted one the best state park systems (a fact which they will remind you of on every pamphlet they give you) and not without reason. In addition to the swim area, there is a nature center, heritage center, lake, and miles and miles of trails. We have yet to stay there long enough to take advantage of all it has to offer. But it's on my list for future, longer stays. Next time I will make a reservation!

The kids could even go down the slides in the background
Elisabeth and Jonah enjoying the elaborate sprayground
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