Friday, June 13, 2008

Jonah's doctor called today with the results of the tests on that stool sample. It turns out he does have Dientamoeba fragilis which the doctor called a "germ" when he talked to me (I guess he was trying to make it seem as benign as possible as it isn't that big of a deal). It is actually a parasite. Many people have it but only if there are significant effects do they bother treating it. Jonah probably picked it up while we were abroad but it is common everywhere even in the US. Here's a link to the CDC info. This is totally unrelated to the fever he had over the weekend. But it does explain his change of appetite over the last month or so and those very juicy poopies. :) I hope I'm not freaking all the grandmother's out with this - this is all pretty normal kid's stuff. Anyway, the doctor is prescribing a medicine he has to take for 10 days. Unfortunately, it us usually in tablet form and tastes awful so we have to get the medicine from this special place in town that makes it in liquid form on demand that tastes better, but they don't take insurance so we have to pay a large sum up front and then submit to our insurance ourselves. That part is a bit unfortunate, but nothing else to do about it.

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