Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Haircut for a 20 month old We started the day by going out for breakfast. Afterwards, Kelly decided he wanted to cut Jonah's hair which is always a major task. So we put his high chair in the living room, turned on Narnia and fed him Chocolate in an attempt to keep him still and content. Here's a clip from that event:

Here is a before and after picture. (In the first picture you can see we are trying to let him get used to the vibration of the clippers in hopes he won't be so freaked out):

Swimming at the Lake Then, Jonah, who has been "swimming" quite a lot recently started trying to take his cloths off and saying "wa-Dur" (translation = water = I want to go swimming). So we put our swimwear and sunscreen on and headed to Jordan Lake stopping at Wendy's on the way. Jonah wore his life jacket that Grammie and PawPaw got for him at Christmas. It really helped him get used to floating on his back where previously he wouldn't do that. (When he took it off I used it for a float having forgotten one). Jonah and Daddy stayed in the water a whole hour and 15 minutes - Mommy was in and out of the water twice during that time. Here's more pictures:
By the time we headed home, Jonah was so pooped he fell asleep in the car and is still asleep as I write this. Needless to say he had a fabulous Father's Day, as did Kelly.


Tom said...

Looks like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

I love the wrinkles!