Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kids Friendly Design with Their Tastes in Mind

We are MOVING, again!  We closed on our house today, yay!

In order to get the kids involved and help them look forward to the change, I cut out a bunch of random things from magazines including Pottery Barn Kids and let them create a collage that represented what they would like for the new house and/or their room.  It was very interesting to see what they chose to put in their house.


Also, I cut out pages from the Pottery Barn Kids magazine and asked them what they like, if anything about the rooms in the pages.  Here was the result:

Elisabeth likes the different size pillows

She likes the letters on the pillow and the lamp!

Here she keyed in on the doll on the bed and the bird theme

 She likes the fact that there is a bed for her and one for Jonah

Jonah likes the airplane on the wall and the lantern in the window

 He likes all the stuff on the wall!

He likes the Spiderman theme and the bunkbeds
Not sure how any of this will help me when I get around to decorating their room.  At this point, we think they will continue to share a room so that is a design challenge in and of itself.  I may need to enlist some of my more design oriented friends for some pointers on this one.  Spiderman and rose covered lampshades kind of clash in my mind!

In the meantime, if anyone sees a good deal on bunk beds with a natural wood finish let me know.  That's about the only thing I'm pretty sure about at this point.

Gotta go PACK!


ladyjackalope said...

Think they will have to narrow their choices down,or let Mom and Dad decide since they know what Jonah and Elisabeth both like,sure they will like what is decided upon,now when they get older that will be a different story,guess Jonah will be putting his sheets on his top bunk,not an easy task for Mom,and tell him he can not fly from top bunk.;-)

Shanna said...

One of those airplanes you mentioned in your email could maybe be incorporated. Can you send pictures?