Monday, October 18, 2010

A Day on the Subway

Ghandi @ Union Sq.
Knowing we were going into our last days here, Monday I set off for Manhattan to do a little shopping. Well, I took the Q train to Canal Street and only after I got off the train did I realize that it was only the 6 train that had elevators not Q. So, I hopped back on the next train and got of at the next accessible stop which was Union Square. Once surface level, I used Google Latitude to get my bearings. I realized Canal Street was still a good distance away, and frankly could not figure out how to get there with the double stroller. We walked around Union Square and actually stumbled upon a decent public restroom and a nice big playground.  We hung out in Union Square for a while and then I started to head west to get on a train that would head south, but then realized a convoluted way to get to the Brooklyn Bridge area that required going back to Union Station.
Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge
So we ended up doing a loop on the subway taking three different trains in order to get to lower Manhattan to an accessible station.  By that time it was rush hour and that last train was packed.  My hopes for doing some shopping were fairly well dashed, but I did find a couple of vendors in the City Hall area.  We then stopped in a deli for dinner.  Kelly walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to join us and then we all walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge together.  Then we got on a train not worrying about accessibility now that Kelly was with me.  However, we got on the wrong one - the express train bypassed the stop we needed so we had to back track once again.  We finally made it home by about 9:30 or so and I was pooped.  Shew!

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Amy said...

Wow! Sounds complex but so adventurous!!! We got a great post card today :) The pic. made me want to go!!!!!!!!!!!