Sunday, December 04, 2011

Back to the Big Apple

We are going to New York City again.

My husband's company is having it's Christmas party on Thursday and wanted him to come up for the week. We decided to tag along. I've always wanted to experience New York City during the holidays: here's my chance  - and at someone else's expense - woohoo!

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We managed to not pay for an upgrade in the room. I ordered these cots for the kids to sleep on (thanks Gina for the heads up on that one!). They fold up compactly like camp chairs so they are much easier to store during the day than an air mattress. I love them! We have already used them on an overnight trip during Thanksgiving weekend and they will get used over Christmas as well.

As I prepared for this trip, I once again had some anxiety about the kids getting lost especially during subway train transfers. Last time, I brought our double stroller and used it every time I went out with them by myself except once. It gave me great peace of mind having them confined in the stroller getting on and of the subway, even though it was big and hard to maneuver. Now they are older (and more to the point bigger) so that is no longer an option. Nevertheless, losing them in the crows as we get on or off a subway train is still there. So, here's what I came up with to assuage my fears. I made buttons at with their pictures and our phone numbers. My plan is to pin them inside their coats when we are out - obviously, I don't want strangers seeing them on the outside of their clothes. I've already talked to Jonah and Elisabeth about them and I've given them instructions to show them to an adult (preferably in uniform) in the event they don't know whereabouts of  mommy or daddy. So deep breath (sigh).  It makes me feel much better having done this.
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At the moment, we are in Somerset, NJ staying with friends through tomorrow. So not only is this another grand adventure but a grand opportunity to catch up with friends as well. Their kids are 8 and 4 - Tristan is the oldest and Kara is the youngest so, as you can imagine, they totally speak the same language as Jonah and Elisabeth (ie. LEGO and baby dolls).

So stay tuned for more Adventures from the Big Apple......
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