Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tree of Life - Mixed Media Project

Tree of Life - Mixed Media Final Project @2022 
My 13 year old 8th grader recently took a middle school visual arts class via Florida Virtual School - M/J Visual Art 1 to be exact. With our busy schedule the last few months, she did not have time for art classes at our favorite art studio, Crealdé School of Art. As an alternative, I signed her up for this instead with the intent of providing a positive outlet for her amazing creativity. Elisabeth already exhibits some remarkable talent so I was somewhat concerned the class would be too easy or that she would be bored. While the class is designed for beginners, it does offer good content for avid artists like her in addition to providing unique opportunities to express oneself. Above is a photo of the mixed media project she submitted as her final project in the class. Before submitting the project, students have a discussion with the instructor to talk about their ideas and develop a plan for the final project. The instructor was very impressed with how she had sketched out a plan in a journal down to the detail of what materials she would use. Needless to say she got high praise on both assignments.

When I asked Elisabeth if she learned anything new from this class, the thing that stood out to her was a better understanding of color theory. In the end, we both felt that it was a class well worth her time and effort.

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