Sunday, May 20, 2012

BrickMagic 2012

Cityscape at 2010 BrickMagic Raleigh
For the 3rd year in a row, we attended BrickMagic, a convention of sorts for LEGO fans of all ages. The first year we went, I was blown away by the huge cityscapes complete with moving subways and trains. The second year, I was less impressed as many of the displays seemed very similar to the previous year. This year I was excited about the prospect of going simply because Jonah was so interested in going. In the past, it was really just mommy and daddy's idea, but this year Jonah totally owned it. He woke up Saturday morning and the first thing he did was put on his blue polo with the LEGO logo on the front.

Jonah has had LEGO for quite awhile, but it seems that it's only really been in the last six months that he has been spending focused time building his own creations. More recently, his creations have been getting gradually more complicated. I suspect his intensified interest is partly due to the fact that we have been watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars with both kids. I guess it's no wonder that LEGO's first licensed product was for Star Wars sets.
Getting their picture with a Clone Trooper 2012 Brick Magic
We learned at the show that LEGO is getting ready to release Lord of the Rings products - while I don't plan on rushing out to buy any - I do love LOR and can't wait to see what displays are present at next years BrickMagic!
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