Friday, September 18, 2015

Maker Faire Inspired Weaving and Crocheting

cardboard loom
We attended Maker Faire Orlando at the Orlando Science Center last weekend. The kids saw a lot of cool crafts and tech during those two days. Events like this always inspire us to get creative. 

One of the activities that really got Elisabeth's attention was this very simple weaving project on a cardboard loom. 

So this week I took one of those lovely 50% off coupons from Michael's and bought her a ALEX Toys Craft Fashion Weaving Loom. She immediately set to work on her first creation. 

We'll see what she ends up making next. She has aspirations for a scarf and blanket. 

Her enthusiasm has rekindled my own interest in crocheting. I think I'm going to have to watch some videos or join a knitting club to get beyond the basic stitches though.
Showing off her completed project
Starting a new weave on her loom with my crocheting instruction book lying nearby

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