Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Well I found another diversion for myself and Jonah so I'm not sitting home twiddling my thumbs waiting on the arrival of Baby Girl Davis. Regal cinemas are having a Free Family Film Festival, where you can take the family into a movie for free. They play 2 different movies at 10 a.m. for 3 days a week. They will be doing it every week this summer through the end of August. Click here to check participating cinemas in your area. I took Jonah to the Beaver Creek Stadium cinema this morning to see The Bee Movie. He actually sat through the whole 90 minutes. They had a deal for the festival of $1 drinks & $1 popcorn. So I got a Diet Coke for me and a popcorn for him. He pretty much munched on the popcorn the whole time. He was so cute. He barely held the foldup seat down. So in case you were wondering those movie theatre seats are for 29 lbs and up :-)

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Gmapapaw said...

I can remember my first movie experience. Mom took me to see
Twin Bears - a disney movie. I couldn't hole the seat down either, I was older and bigger and the seats were harder to hold down. You are making me miss him more and more. With all the good news today, I am really getting excited about coming.