Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Cheese Please

Jonah was watching Sesame Street this morning and they started talking about cheese. Well, he loves cheese so he comes into the kitchen and starts saying cheese. Well I kind of ingnored him to see if he would forget about it. He follows me down the hall and says "cheese" and then "pease." We have been trying to get him to say please for a month. Of course one piece wasn't enough so I asked him to say please for more and he did - it even started to sound more like "please" than "pease." I guess now we can start working on saying "Thank you."

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Gmapapaw said...

I read this aloud to the house and Buddy hearing his favorite word "cheese" came running from the bedroom, sat up on his hind legs, and barked. I guess that is his way of saying "pease".