Monday, July 14, 2008

Breech Baby as Due Date Approaches

Today, I had what we were hoping would be my last prenatal appointment before the baby girl's arrival. The midwife couldn't confirm the position of the baby and sent us for an ultrasound. Turns out the little one is breech. So, now we are scheduled for a special acupuncture treatment and a chiropractic adjustment for tomorrow that will hopefully assist in rotating the baby. Wednesday morning, I am scheduled for an external version which involves an OB doctor applying significant pressure on my belly to get the baby to maneuver. If these other techniques work and I arrive on Wednesday with a head down baby they will just send me home to await the onset of labor. If after the external version, the baby has not rotated they will go ahead and do a Cesarean section right after. If the external version achieves the right position, again they will send me home to await the onset of labor. I have ample fluid in the uterus so we are hopeful that the baby will rotate via one or more of these techniques. Regardless, we will be the proud parents of a new baby girl very soon. Please pray God's blessings and protection on us during all this.

Oh, by the way, we did see from the ultrasound that the baby does have a bit of hair - maybe that's why I have had such terrible heartburn.

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Amy said...

I will pray! May she shift just right! Love you!