Friday, August 08, 2008

Good Morning Poopy

This morning I went to get Jonah up. When I went in he said, "poopy," and I just said, "I know, mommy will fix it," as I walked over to open the blinds in his room - he will sometimes tell us when he has a dirty diaper. As I went over to the crib, however, I saw a little poopy turd in the crib. And I thought, how did that fall out of his diaper. Then I saw his diaper laying in the crib and realized he was naked from the waste down. I got him out of the crib and cleaned him up and put a diaper on him - thankful there wasn't more of a mess but fussing at my husband in my head for not putting pajama bottoms on him last night. A few minutes later we are in the kitchen getting breakfast and I smell another stinker. He had quite a load this time. Perhaps, he willingly showed some restraint earlier realizing he pooped in the bed - I can only hope.

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Gmapapaw said...

I feel your pain. I guess the potty training isn't going so good.