Thursday, June 07, 2012

Jonah Sing's His Heart

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"I want to watch,
Pirates of the Caribbean,
But my mom says no,
and my dad says no,
They say I have to be ol-der,
but I don't know why,
I'm not scared of no sea creatures
I guess it's because of the skeletons
I want to watch,
Pirates of the Caribbean
Now! Now! Now!
But they say I have to be 10."

This is the essence of the song Jonah was singing in the car the other day. The actual song was much longer than the above. However, he said every word but perhaps in different verses. I managed to get my phone recording the tale end as he repeated portions of it - unfortunately I missed recording the most orderly part of the song.

Jonah is in to pirates these days which is an off-shoot of his love of squids. He saw a preview of Pirates of the Caribbean somewhere and he knows there is a giant Kraken that attacks a ship. As a result, he really wants to watch the movie. Kelly and I have seen the first three of the four movies: Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, and At World's End. We didn't bother watching the last one, On Stranger Tides, as we felt the sequels got progressively worse. We really liked the first one but we don't feel like all the ghost imagery is appropriate for Jonah at this time. The second one, Dead Man's Chest, is the one with the Kraken scene. Honestly I can't remember it very well - the second and third have melded in my mind - but my sense is there are things in that one that he's not ready for yet either. Besides, you have to watch them in order right?

Therefore, Jonah has eloquently expressed his disappointment in song.

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ladyjackalope said...

Well, It seems Jonah is not giving up on getting his point across on what he wants to see even if he has to sing it,he did pretty good,even humming between the lyrics to his song and keeping beat with his foot.

Amy Walker said...


Shanna said...

It makes me smile every time I watch it - especially the "now, now, now, right now" part. :-)