Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Okay, breaking news here.... Just got back from the grocery store. It was almost uneventful. (Sometimes I think this stuff only happens to me - but good fodder for the blog)

So I'm almost done with the grocery shopping. Grabbing one more thing off the shelf - my mommy instincts are saying "Time to go." Jonah was starting to show me everything that had any interest to him and I could smell that someone had a turd. So definitely time to get out of the store.

 I went to the checkout lane and there was a lady in front of me with a basket full of stuff. I started unloading my groceries and trying to suggest to Jonah to help - just to give him something to do. I ask Jonah if he has a poopy and he says, "no, baby sister." I think, "yeah it probably is her." I go around to the back of the cart where she is sitting to get the sodas from under the cart, and what do I see?  A big glop of poop hanging out of her diaper!

I put the soda's on the conveyor belt and grab the wipes out of my bag and move back around to where she is to grab the glop, but too late - it's gone. I look down - FOUND IT - on the floor. I wiped up the floor and went to grap a plastic bag to put the dirty wipes in while Jonah obediently puts things on the conveyor belt. Just when I think, I've accomplished damage control, I hear him say, "Mommy, there's poopy on it." Now what? To my dismay, I look up and see a glop of poop on the 2 liter of soda I just put up on the counter! So, I calmly take another wipe and go clean off the bottle and then come back to Elisabeth to wipe up the remnants around her leg and on the cart.

By this time the lady in front of me is just now paying. (I was never so thankful for a person to be in front of me at the check out line.) It didn't appear that anyone else even noticed what was going on and I tried not to draw attention to the whole thing. The cashier rang us up and I was unruffled enough to load my own cart AND hand over my grocery store card and coupons. I then wheeled my own cart out and changed Elisabeth's diaper in the car.

As I was putting Elisabeth down for nap a few minutes ago I was thinking about the whole thing and started chuckling to the point I was afraid I was going to wake her up. I'm glad some intense moments turn into funny memories.
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