Thursday, February 25, 2010

Super Daddy

Last Wednesday night, we decided I should fly out on Thursday morning to go be with my family and go to the funeral for my grandmother. Kelly encouraged me to go and he would work from home on Thursday and Friday and take care of the kids. I had assumed that was out of the question, but I'm finding my sweety is full of surprises. Elisabeth had a cold, and he and Jonah were showing the beginning symptoms of the same cold. So Daddy took care of two sick toddlers for three days and two nights, feeling sick himself and managed to actually get work done. In addition to all that, he managed to get Elisabeth to nap through the day without mom. So Elisabeth is officially weaned and will go to sleep for a nap and at night without nursing and without white noise (the mp3 player broke over the weekend). AND due to being sick, Jonah fell asleep in the afternoon of his own accord while I was away. When I got back we continued to put him down for a nap (he has been super cranky) and he has napped everyday this week so far. A pattern we hope to continue. (Jonah has not napped consistently in over a year.) I think I need to go away more often!
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