Friday, March 20, 2009

Manners at Home?

I have told many of you this story but it is definitely one that must be blogged about. If discussions about bodily functions are something that you're uncomfortable with, you may want to skip this one. :)

We are pretty free with our bodily functions around the house - that's just the way it is with family, at least my family, especially with little kids in the house. Mom exposes herself to feed the baby and bathroom doors stay open often. (They say kids learn by example so we're using that angle for potty training too.) So when it comes to burping and passing gas, the wind just blows where it will so to speak. Well, the other day, Jonah was making a farting sound and we asked, "Jonah did you poopy; do you need to go poopy in the potty?" Jonah replies, "No, I farted." Kelly then says, "Well, what do you say?" And Jonah proudly responds, "Please." We suppressed the urge to totally break out laughing and after quickly regaining composure, Kelly tells Jonah that the correct thing to say is, "Excuse me." Jonah then says, "Xcuse me." And so we find something else that is best taught by example - manners. He's pretty much got "please," "thank you," and "your welcome" down but we still have to work on the nuances of "excuse me."


ladyjackalope said...

Thanks for sharing Shanna,That was a LOL moment for me,same around here only I'm lucky that my spouse can not here mine.,and Jonah is learning the difference between thank you,please,and now excuse me,that's great,love to all G~Grandma Theresa

Gina said...

That's classic, and you're a great writer/storyteller by the way.