Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visit to Okeechobee

On Wednesday, June 3rd, we continued on to Okeechobee (another 2 hours south) to visit my family. My grandmother on my Mom's side, Mamaw Lewis, has always been dear to me and her health has been more fragile over the last year which has precipitated the need to enlist more help in her care and have her in closer proximity to the hospital. So this was the first trip where we visited with her at the nursing home. We saw her every day, and oddly enough, this environment was more conducive to a more quality interaction between the kids, especially Jonah, and Mamaw. Normally, at the house, Jonah would have been running around or hanging out in the "Man Cave" with Papaw (my dad) making it hard to get him to interact with Mamaw. But in this case, Mamaw ended up with a bedmate for a few minutes. They have these cool TV's on protracting arms that you can pull right up to the head of your bed. So Jonah crawled up in the bed with Mamaw and they watched Animal Planet for a while together and talked about what they were watching. After a little while, Jonah fell asleep. I caught a picture of them with their arms in nearly the same position quite by accident. It was very sweet. Mamaw also got to hold Elisabeth, who loved playing with the beads around her neck.

For more pictures of our visit, including a few fishing pictures, see the slideshow below. (BTW, I caught 8 fish on Jonah's SpongeBob Square Pants fishing pole.)

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