Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doctor's Office "Well" Visits?

Last week I took Elisabeth in for her regularly scheduled check up and took Jonah with me. He does really well at first, reading the books and sitting on the chairs provided. But by the end of the appointment, he inevitably has his shoes off and is crawling around on the floor. In the subsequent days that follow he had 2 or 3 bad diarrhea diapers, but I didn't think much of it as he periodically just does this. Well, on the third day after Elisabeth's appointment, I started having a lot nausea, followed by stomach cramps and diarrhea all of which lasted well through Monday. Monday comes and Kelly starts having nausea; he's just now feeling normal again 5 days later. It was about mid-week when he had an epiphany of where this illness may have originated. It sure makes you not want to take your kids to the doctor for "well" visits, knowing it can easily result in the opposite.
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