Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exploring Kennedy Space Center

Jonah loves planes and spaceships and astronauts as I have mentioned in a previous post. So on our recent visit to Florida we took a day and went to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. We had a great time learning about some of the history of space flight. Did you know there were 6 moon landings? For some reason, I thought there were only two. The last one was in 1972. We went inside the cargo area of a space shuttle - it was really big. We took the bus tour, but there seemed to be a 40 minute wait to get back on the bus at every stop. The kids were fading and we were getting worn out too. So we missed some good stuff - gotta save something for next time!

Here's my favorite picture. Watch out NASA - possible future astronauts here!

Here is a slideshow of all our pictures. Jonah loved the park with all the tall rockets.


Serra said...

aawww! that is a very cute picture of Jonah and Elizabeth Rose. I loved it!

kennedy space center said...

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