Thursday, January 07, 2010

Potty Training Update

Boys are notoriously hard to potty train and my son has not been an exception. He has had days where we think he's almost there and then it's as if he's forgotten or doesn't care - one step forward; two steps back, seemingly. He started preschool last fall and has been wearing pull-ups almost exclusively through the day and diapers at night. We have constantly had to coax him to the potty. Since returning home from holiday travel, we've let him choose between real underwear and pull-ups and he prefers real underwear. He seems to have an easier time getting them on and he's been much better about going to the potty. We still ask and remind him, but he's not been quite as obstinate. Yesterday, however, I had to clean up poopy pants - not my favorite activity - obviously! So this morning after breakfast, I showed him a large caramel-filled, chocolate left over from Christmas and told him that if he poops in the potty he could have the whole thing for himself. A couple of hours later, he comes running into the living room saying, "I have to go potty! I have to go potty!" I told him, "go potty then!" Well don't you know he goes #1 and #2 in the potty and he gets his candy. I guess he just needed a little more motivation.....
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