Friday, June 04, 2010

My Fashionista!

0406101441a, originally uploaded by planetdavis23.

My hubby just downloaded some pictures that I have texted him over the last months. This was a photo from a stop at Target a while ago. Elisabeth indicated that she wanted help trying on the hat. Once on, she promptly picked out a a purse to go with it. Girls are so fun!


ladyjackalope said...

Yes they are fun and so cute.When she was about the age of Elisabeth I remember dressing my now 27 year old granddaughter up with a hat a bit like this only white and a more narrow brim,and taking pictures of her looking into a floor length mirror,and of course I still have the hat ;-) Girls will be girls,God Bless them all!

Amy said...

AHHHHHHH cute!!!!! Can't wait to see you Wednesday! Whenever you can get here is fine! Pizza's on the menu :) Just bring yourselves!