Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jonah's World of Make Believe

We realized several months ago that Jonah has an "invisible friend" named Bludget.  I asked him one day where he got the name from, if he had heard it somewhere or thought of it himself. He said that he just made it up. Since then, we have realized there is "Good Bludget" and "Bad Bludget." (Reminds me of those Bugs Bunny cartoons with the good consciousness on one shoulder and the bad consciousness on his other shoulder.)

This morning, I managed to get to the gym, where I have a membership, for the first time since our move. They have child care there and, as we were leaving, I was querying them to see if they had a good time and to make sure if anything negative occurred they had an opportunity to tell me - especially considering it was their first time at this gym. Jonah obviously enjoyed the stay as did Elisabeth.  Just to make conversation I asked him, "Did Bludget have a good time too?" Jonah responded that Bludget stayed home because he was sick. Then he looks at me and says, "Mom, that's just a story." Sometimes he has to tell me when he's pretending or not like when he says, "I gave sister some candy." I get into investigative mode to determine what kind of candy and where he got it from and then Jonah gets this exasperated voice, "Mom, it's just pretend candy." Oh.... pretend candy is okay. So I guess he felt the need to assure me that Bludgit is just pretend too.

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