Monday, August 09, 2010

Total Recall

I have to post about this, because my children have amazed me with their ability to remember things. The other day I had to take something to the post office and decided to go out to a new library and stop at a post office along the way. After pulling out of the post office, Jonah says, "this is the same way we went to go to Selah's birthday party." At first I couldn't tell whose name he was saying; I thought he was saying Serra. Then I remember Selah's party and in fact Serra was there too. We had only traveled that way one other time and that was it. I was blown away.

Then I took the kids to a Kindermusik class for the first time this summer. In the spring, I would take Elisabeth one day a week while Jonah was in preschool. Since we have moved, I approached the area from a slightly different direction, but the building is located near these 4 large radio towers. As we were sitting at an intersection less than a mile away, Elisabeth says, "Look mommy, class." It took me a minute to realize she was associating the towers (that we could clearly see at this point) to the location of the Kindermusik class. I was amazed.

Then this weekend, we went camping in the mountains. We saw lots of RV's including the illustrative rental RV's offered by Cruise America. (The kids would shout "RV!" nearly every time we would see one). On the last day, Jonah pointed out a Cruise America RV and Kelly commented that it looked to be the same model we rented last year. I asked Kelly whether he remembered what was painted on the side of the one we rented. As we were trying to recall this minor detail, Jonah shouts, "Balloons!" What he said sounded right for some reason as I seemed to recall a picture of a big hot air balloon on the side. Well, in fact, there were several hot air balloons just as Jonah said. Here's the proof:


The next time I have trouble remembering something, I know who to ask...

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