Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family Time in Orlando

On the train at the zoo
During our Christmas trip to Florida, the kids got to spend some good quality time with all their grandparents. I was very thankful we able to make time for everyone.

We visited the Central Florida Zoo with Grandma Darlyne on Tuesday. We were all impressed with the herpeterium which housed a King Cobra among other slithering serpents. We all ended the trip with a ride on the kiddy train.  Our membership to the NC Zoo got us all in free - gotta love that!

Wednesday, we met Grandma Theresa (their great grandmother) in Altamonte where we watched a marionette puppet show of the Little Drummer Boy. This was a first for me and I really enjoyed it. Kudos to Pinocchio's Marionette Theatre at the Altamonte Mall for providing such a classic, yet unique venue for kids.

Marionettes on Stage

Checking out the T-rex
The next afternoon, Boompah joined us for a trip to the Orlando Science Center. Again we got in free there with our membership to the Durham Museum of Life and SciencesHere is Jonah playing at being a meteorologist. They had several life size castings of dinosaur skeletons and one animatronic T-rex. All four of us stepped into a hurricane tunnel - I couldn't stop giggling during this, but Elisabeth was more than ready to exit the experience.

The day after Christmas, we went with Grandma Theresa to see her mom, Grandma Margaret - the kids great-great-grandmother.

Four of five generations
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