Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Map of Florida highlighting Okeechobee County                               Image via Wikipedia
We've been out of town for a couple weeks on our annual pilgrimage to visit family in sunny Florida.  We had a great time and the kids got some good quality time with all their grandparents - we even visited Kelly's great-grandmother (Jonah and Elisabeth's great-great-grandmother).  I am just getting around to downloading pictures and such.  I'll post more details later.

We got back Monday evening in record time - we haven't done 12.5 hours between here and Okeechobee since we had kids. While Kelly and I were unloading the car, Elisabeth fell off of the ottoman and hit the end table. She wailed terribly and then threw up all over the both of us. I carried her to the tub to contain the mess all the while thinking she hit her head the way she was carrying on. Kelly went to get a flashlight to make sure her pupils were dilating appropriately, while I just tried to comfort her and not throw up myself. When she calmed down enough, I asked her where it hurt, and was very relieved when she said her foot. (I love when children get old enough to communicate effectively!) By the time I got her in the bath, Kelly had pretty much unloaded the car. All the luggage and Christmas loot about nearly made me claustrophobic.  I still haven't gotten things in order for a fresh start for the new year.  The Christmas decorations are still up and suitcases still need to be emptied, but it's nice to be home.

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