Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ice Skating in Winter Park

On our first full day in Florida, we went ice skating in Winter Park. (Kelly and I were married just down the street at the Winter Park Country Club. We passed by the building by chance on the way to the ice skating venue.) Kelly's mom told us about "Winter in the Park" weeks ago and suggested we go. Jonah attempted the ice but only lasted about 10 seconds. He wasn't able to even balance enough to stand, which freaked him out.  It was pretty much a repeat of Gatlinburg a year ago. So he went to spectate with Grandma Darlyne, Rick and sister, while me and Dad continued around the ice. I ended up hugging the wall a few times while Kelly skated circles around me. Like a dork, I fell and hit my knees hard and cut my hand open on a chunky bracelet I was wearing. Kelly came swiftly to my rescue - my Hero. Once I was comfortably bandaged and off the ice, he went back for more. He either has an aptitude for it or all that roller blading experience from college gave him an advantage.  Here's some video.

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