Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Turkish Tooth Fairy?

We made it back from Turkey safe and sound, but minus one tooth. On our first or second day there, Jonah announced his tooth was loose. I thought he was joking. But, turns out, this time he was for real. We left it alone and by day 8 while visiting a cave - the Chapel of St. Basil in Goreme to be exact - Jonah announced that his tooth fell out.

I was shocked that he is already loosing his baby teeth, and was certainly not expecting such a milestone to occur on our trip.  My baby boy is growing up!

I was interested to find out the Turks have a similar custom when their children loose their "milk teeth" as they say. We kept such a busy schedule while there, we never put the tooth under Jonah's pillow. Instead, we brought it all the way home only to loose it in the stairwell this evening. We're still hoping we find it. (BTW, Jonah knows that there is no real tooth fairy just mom and dad, but he still wants to do it.) Tonight, Kelly promised him money even if we don't find the tooth and he was satisfied with that....

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