Thursday, June 30, 2011

Turkey Travelogue: May 23rd

Our first full day in Turkey was very relaxing and we felt pretty good - only mildly jetlagged. We began the day with breakfast at a corner cafe down from our apartment and then we spent the greater part of the day at Topkapi Palace.  

Originally built by the conquerer of Constantinople, Mehmed II in 1465, Topkapi Palace was used as the primary residence of the Sultans and place of the Ottoman court until 1856 when the European-styled palace Dolmabache was completed. We visited Dolmabache our on our last day in Turkey and Topkapi was definitely my favorite of the two. The architecture and details are unique to any thing I have seen previously and exquisitely beautiful to mine eye.  

Jonah waiting on daddy to get tickets
Inside the Harem

Our beauties amongst the beautiful tile work

This was my favorite room - ironically, I think this is the "queens" living chamber

I love this picture - and it's not posed!

Another example of an artfully decorated dome

Mother of pearl insets this cabinet surrounded
with marble and tile

An example of one of many stained glass windows

Elisabeth at the cafe

An inner courtyard with fountain

My trying to get artistic with my photography

The Bosphorous from Topkapi Palace

Looking down on the cafe
where we ate lunch earlier in the day

More Pictures from this day.
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