Saturday, August 20, 2011

My First Lobster

Monday was officially our 13th wedding anniversary. Ironically, we both got confused thinking the 15th was on Sunday (thus my early post).

To commemorate, I thought we would go somewhere and order lobster since we are in Maine and I don't recall ever eating lobster. Unfortunately, we were all still tired from our long drive so we just went to the closest restaurant that advertised a family atmosphere - The Log Cabin Restaurant.  After walking in I doubted the wisdom of our choice, but we followed through with our plan despite the greasy atmosphere.

We ordered a twin platter and got the tutorial from the waitress on how to crack open the ruddy crustaceans. We cracked, pulled, dipped and ate. I was glad to commemorated the occasion with a new experience, but honestly, I don't like lobster.  So for me it's just not worth forking over the market price for something that just isn't that appealing. The fried fish however was yummy! I think I'll stick with fish, at least until my next anniversary!
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ladyjackalope said...

Yes! You had me thinking twice when you posted day early about anniversary,but you did beautifully with your post and I know Kelly loved it.And I I love the look on Jonah and Elisabeth faces checking the lobsters out. Log Cabin (neat looking place from outside) and they do have variety on their menu,with their Moose Burger,which might not be bad,they are a bit pricey,that is reason we choose not to eat anyplace in Bar Harbor,and from reviews I just read Captain Nicks in Bangor is not what it use to be.At least you tried lobster,so nothing ventured nothing gained. ;-)