Saturday, August 20, 2011

My First Lobster

Monday was officially our 13th wedding anniversary. Ironically, we both got confused thinking the 15th was on Sunday (thus my early post).

To commemorate, I thought we would go somewhere and order lobster since we are in Maine and I don't recall ever eating lobster. Unfortunately, we were all still tired from our long drive so we just went to the closest restaurant that advertised a family atmosphere - The Log Cabin Restaurant.  After walking in I doubted the wisdom of our choice, but we followed through with our plan despite the greasy atmosphere.

We ordered a twin platter and got the tutorial from the waitress on how to crack open the ruddy crustaceans. We cracked, pulled, dipped and ate. I was glad to commemorated the occasion with a new experience, but honestly, I don't like lobster.  So for me it's just not worth forking over the market price for something that just isn't that appealing. The fried fish however was yummy! I think I'll stick with fish, at least until my next anniversary!
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