Monday, April 16, 2012

An Eventful Weekend

This past weekend, we took the RV out to nearby Jordan Lake State Recreation Area. It's in the same county, so it made for a good weekend destination. We were close enough to home that we could still attend a birthday party and invite friends out in the evening for a cookout and s'mores.

We did have a little hiccup though. Kelly was cutting wood into smaller pieces when the knife he was using slipped and cut his finger quite deep. After I doctored him up with a band-aid, he decided he should go to urgent care for stitches - he ended up with five (5). So he missed most of our social time.

On Sunday, we enjoyed an hour at the beach area before heading home. Afterwards, I decided it was time for me to drive - pulling the 33ft travel trailer. Up to this point, I had never pulled a tow vehicle of any kind that I can recall. There was no better time for me to give it a go since it was highway all the way home, not exceptionally windy and only a 45 minute drive. After Kelly's injury over the weekend, it reminded me that I needed to do this in case, God forbid, he should ever be truly incapacitated, in which case I would be forced drive it. And we are hoping to take an extended trip out west later in the year and me being a confident driver will be helpful.

Knowing how distracting the kids can be when I drive normally. I gave them snacks and juice to keep them occupied and then off we went. I almost changed my mind, but I pushed through, got in, adjusted the mirrors and started driving. I have to say it was a bigger deal in my head than it actually turned out to be. Once I got going, I was pretty relaxed except during the half a dozen lane-changes I had to make along the way.

We made it to the storage area where we keep the RV and I backed the RV into our narrow spot lickety-split - no back and forth, no raised voices nor other marital altercations. Everything went surprisingly smooth. Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself for overcoming my anxiety and pulling off such a smooth parking job.

In the words of Helen Reddy [and my mom] "I am woman hear me roar....[with God, all things are possible, therefore] I can do anything."

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Anonymous said...

Terrific Shanna! I know that feeling. There were some doubts expressed about my ability to back up a trailer with my Jeep whilst moving. I did a great job, thank you very much, and twice backed the trailer up into the driveway from an angle. It's a very nice feeling to overcome like that!


Shanna said...

Thanks Samantha! So proud of you and your big leap of faith. Look forward to hearing how your adventure goes.