Friday, July 20, 2012

Kid's Rooms: Organized and Clean

I have never really followed up with a final post on our DIY projects related to Jonah and Elisabeth's rooms. It's so fun looking through magazines and coming up with ideas for their rooms. But it's extremely impractical to really think that their rooms will ever look that stylish and clean. For one thing, when they become mobile they will leave a mess wherever they go and secondly when they learn to talk you have to start incorporating their tastes in the decor - star wars this, princess that and so on. Nevertheless, when their rooms are clean and orderly, they don't look half bad.

Speaking of clean rooms, I thought I would brag on Jonah. Last week, they asked to watch a TV show. To which I replied, "It's clean up time. After your room is clean we can watch the show." At first, Jonah wanted me to help him, but I balked saying that Elisabeth needed my help more. But I told him to just "start with the Trio Blocks and then put the books on the shelf. If you still need help when I'm finished with Elisabeth, I'll help you." Well, I don't know if the stars were aligned or he was extremely motivated or what, but before I was finished with Elisabeth in her room, Jonah asked me to come take a look at his room. And, lo and behold, it was clean. Somewhat dubious, I asked him, "So, if I open your closet I won't find things just thrown in there, right?" He indicated not. I took a peak just to be sure and no mess. (Woohoo!) He did a great job with no help from me - I'm so proud!

So here's what their "clean" rooms look like - it's not Pottery Barn, but it works.

Elisabeth's Sassy Lilac room:

The Sally Huss print I got from ebay - I love it!
This side of the room still needs something - Fancy Nancy would not approve
The chair was mine from my childhood and the lamp is from IKEA
The unicorn picture hung on my wall as a child and I decorated the dressup mirror

I just added the the flowers and butterflies to her curtains - decor from her party

Here is Jonah's:
Glow in the dark stars and planets.  Hanging shelf from IKEA.
Pirates, space, Star Wars, Atlantis LEGO, Star Trek and lamp from nursery.

He just got this poster from Grammie - I didn't realize how big it was, but we hung it.
Hand-made airplane from family, my art on the wall and LEGO's galore.
This shelf I painted and had hanging in his nursery in our first house.

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