Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Moon - A Big Ball

Tonight, Jonah went with Daddy to Target to get Mommy a birthday present. When he saw the big, bright moon in the sky he pointed and said "Ball." Kelly corrected him and said "moon." Then he realized his mistake and said "You know I guess it is a really BIG ball."


South Africa School of Missions said...

what a great smile! Wanted to be one of the first to comment, really nice to see your blogspot. It does my heart good to reach across the miles and see Jonah's little smile....
Congratulations on your little girl! I knew that Kelly didn't have the capacity to out-wait you on whether to check baby gender or not! I knew you'd wear him down, but at least it took a birthday to overpower him... he can retain his mannish ways, knowing that it was his kindness on your special day that led to the surrender.
Miss you a ton, hugs to the men and we look forward to seeing you.
Blessings, Scott

Kelly Davis said...

Hey Scott, she didn't "out-wait" me. I just knew these next few months she would really enjoy buying all the little cutesy pink stuff that you get little baby girls :) Anyways, I am excited that we are having a girl. I think I will name her Xena, Warrior Princess ;)