Monday, May 04, 2015

Exploring Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle has been continuously occupied since 1092 when first established by William II as the primary stronghold on England's NW border with Scotland. The site was previously a Roman turf and timber fort that garrisoned Hadrian's Wall and acted as a base for invasions into Scotland. 

Being on the border, Carlisle castle has a long sordid history making it the most besieged castle in Great Britain. It has been held by both English and Scottish kings and was the seat of the Warden of the West March during the 15th and 16th centuries in an effort to deal with Border Reivers. During the second Jacobite uprising of 1745-6, it was briefly held by Jacobites, and as recently as the 1970's the British Border Regiment was based here.

My little one was still feeling the effects of her tummy bug on our visit here, but we still managed to get a smile out of her. Here she is sitting on the foundation of the tower in which Mary Queen of Scots was held before being sent to London.
My 8 year old son was able to participate in some of the St. George Day activities. Here (video link) he is learning how to be an infantryman for the local lord.

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