Sunday, February 03, 2013

Mall Attractions Equal Winter Distractions

Last weekend, we attempted to make some improvements to our master bath. We still didn't finish despite taking nearly all weekend. In order to not ignore the kids for the second weekend in a row, I took them to Cary Towne Center Mall yesterday for a little amusement and shopping while Kelly attempted to finish up.

We began with a ride on the carousel. I think this was officially the first for them to ride together without an adult.

Later, Elisabeth chose to go on the trampoline - something she always pleads for. She (and Jonah) went on one for the first time this past year at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, but this was her first experience with this indoor version.

Anytime we have gone to any mall in the past they always ask to ride the train to which the answer has always been "no." So, Jonah decided he wanted to ride the train instead of get on the trampoline. He told his dad when we got home, "We finally got to ride the train!" Needless to say they had a great time.

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