Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chalk Mandalas

I had never heard of a mandala until a month ago when my daughter got a very cool Ravensburger Deco Mandala-Designer Drawing Machine for her birthday. We both had fun creating designs with it. Then a homeschool group we just joined had a chalk and nature mandala making event today. (It's funny how once you are introduced to a new idea it seems to pop up again and again.) I'm not very good at coming up with ideas for art activities. Having been just introduced to this art form, I doubt I would have thought to create them with chalk. (When I refer to mandalas here, I simply mean art with radial symmetry.) So it was nice to jump on the bandwagon of someone else's idea who has a lot more art knowledge than I. We came up with our own unique designs and then bailed due to the heat. I do hope to do more art and art appreciation this year for all of our benefits. I love learning new things with my kids and this is a subject in which I feel particularly deficient.
ART soothes the SOUL
(somebody get me a coloring book.....)
Jonah's white chalk mandala
Elisabeth and I worked on this mandala complete with mushrooms and a few leaves

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