Sunday, November 15, 2015

Winter When and Where We Can Get It

A roadside stop to experience the snowfall near Northumberland National Park
We have had a long hot summer here in Central Florida this year. In the last week, Orlando had two separate days with record highs in the low 90s and that doesn't take into account the humidity. Needless to say, it has not felt like the holiday season is upon us which is a bummer.  In order to allay my disappointment in this unseasonal weather, I intend to remind myself with this post of the wintry weather we experienced in April and May of this year while in Britain.

On our second day there, we noticed sleet hitting our jackets while visiting Carlisle Castle in the borderlands. The next day, en route from Hadrian's Wall to Edinburgh, we experienced snow in Northumberland National Park. We were so excited that we stopped the car to get out and let the snow fall on us. The weather was cool and crisp for the duration of our travels in Great Britain.

The climax of the wintry conditions however occurred in the middle of our trip when we found ourselves near Ben Nevis, the tallest peak in the British Isles. On a whim, we decided to ride the Gondola up to the snow line of the Nevis Mountain Range. The kids made snowballs and snow angels and even tried to bring snow home with them. We took a little hike out to a low peak at the worst possible time as the wind blew icy snow into our face. Poor Jonah was soaked through and nearly numb by the time we returned to the lodge to warm up with hot beverages. Looking out over the Great Glen, sipping coffee and hot chocolate is a memory we shouldn't soon forget.

This is not the only time we have experienced winter like conditions at an odd time of year. In 2013, we sold our house in North Carolina during the summer and headed north to Maine and Newfoundland with our RV. That year we experienced very cool weather during July through September (the hottest months here in Central Florida). We may just do that again next year, God willing.

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