Thursday, August 04, 2016

Art Meets Geography: Canadian Provencial Flags

Today, we used a globe to geographically visualize our summer travels along the eastern coast of North America. We then selected a flag to draw from one of the three Canadian provinces that we have visited. Elisabeth chose the flag of Quebec with the Fleur de Lys in each corner, a stylized flower historically associated with all things French. Jonah intended to draw the Nova Scotian flag with the blue bars and a white background. He accidentally reversed the colors which is actually fitting considering the flag of Nova Scotia (New Scotland) is inspired by the Scottish Flag and the Cross of St. Andrew. I was left with the challenging New Brunswick flag with it's golden lion on a red background over an galley, which is essentially the same as their coat of arms. (I neglected to include the oars in my drawing.)
Flag of Quebec by Elisabeth
Flag of Nova Scotia by Jonah
Flag of New Brunswick by Shanna

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