Tuesday, September 18, 2018

An Almost Teenager!

My oldest turned 12 this month. It is hard to believe that I will soon have a teenager in the house!

Jonah has matured a lot this year in many ways. This momma is very proud of the young man he is fast becoming. May God continue to lead him and us, his parents, as he approaches adulthood. May God make his path straight, his faith strong and his future sure.

Jonah has taken up fencing this year. He is enjoying it and improving quickly. We are thankful to have found a sport that he is truly interested in and also challenges him, as well as the new friends God has brought to us through the sport.

He got braces this summer which has added to his mature look.

At this point, his upper body strength exceeds mine, so he was a big help prepping his room for painting over the summer.

On a recent hike in the notoriously steep Tallulah Gorge, he stayed ahead of the rest of our group the entire time. Here he stopped to wait on us. All that physical conditioning from fencing is paying off.

He may be maturing but he is still a bit of a clown at heart, who enjoys a good laugh and likes to entertain others.

I'm so thankful that God made me his mom. He may be my oldest and he may not be a baby, but I still can't help but call him that from time to time. Afterall, there was a time when he was my baby.


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