Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My Girl is 12!


Despite the crazy year we find ourselves in, my girl is growing, thriving and creating. Elisabeth had another birthday recently and has matured so much the last 18 months that it has been hard to keep up. The Covid-19 Pandemic took a toll on our mental health early in the year, but the last couple of months have been much better. Elisabeth has found good creative outlets that are critical for her well being. Digital drawings are her go-to, but she has also enjoyed an online photography class that she started in the spring and more recently a small pottery class at a local art school. She was forced to give up track club due to the lockdowns, but, over the summer, we convinced her to give fencing a whole-hearted try. She has come to actually enjoy it, though you can't get her to say the words.
Just for kicks one evening, she let me fix her hair and add some makeup (which she doesn't wear). She had been complaining that there wasn't any reason to wear anything besides exercise or lounge clothes, so I suggested she dress in something that she has not been able to wear during this pandemic. The result was a fun, little, impromptu photoshoot.

Selfie for  Photography by Elisabeth Rose

From our photoshoot

From our photoshoot

From our photoshoot - we rarely wear sweaters in Florida!

Brother and sister at fencing

Elisabeth getting a point on her brother during a practice bout

Digital Art Drawings by Elisabeth

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